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Simply put, The Goody Bag Co is a one stop shop for brands looking to target consumers. As a sampling agency, we offer a diverse range of events that turn every occasion into a memorable experience. Our passion lies in the art of strategic gifting and we take pride in crafting moments that last a lifetime.

How do we help brands target consumers?


The answer lies in our personalised approach. By collaborating with The Goody Bag Co, brands unlock the power of tailored experiences. We'll work closely with you to understand your unique identity and message, infusing these elements into our carefully curated sampling opportunities. This personalised touch not only resonates with consumers but also fosters a deeper connection between brands and their audience.

Our goody bags become carriers of brand stories, creating tangible, joyful moments that consumers remember. Whether it's a product launch, a corporate event, or a token of appreciation, our goody bags ensure that brands leave a lasting impression on their target consumers.

At The Goody Bag Co, we believe that every brand has a unique story to tell and we're here to help them tell it in the most delightful way possible. It's not just about gifting, it's about creating an experience that has an emotional connection.

The power of product sampling 

In short, product sampling is a dynamic and effective strategy for brands to create meaningful connections with consumers, build brand trust, and drive product adoption in a competitive market.

Tangible Experience ✔️

Product sampling provides consumers with a tangible and hands-on experience with the product, allowing them to touch, see, and taste the offering. This sensory engagement creates a lasting impression and fosters a connection between the brand and the consumer.

Overcoming Scepticism ✔️

In a market flooded with choices, consumers are often sceptical about trying new products. Sampling allows brands to overcome this scepticism by offering a risk-free opportunity for consumers to experience the product's quality and benefits, thereby building trust.

Word-of-Mouth Amplification ✔️

A positive sampling experience tends to be shared through word-of-mouth, social media, and online reviews. Consumers who have personally tried and enjoyed a product become brand advocates, amplifying the brand's reach and influencing their social circles.

Data-Driven Insights ✔️

Sampling campaigns offer a valuable opportunity for brands to gather real-time data and insights. Consumer feedback, preferences, and reactions provide actionable information that can be used to refine marketing strategies, improve product formulations, and tailor offerings to meet consumer expectations.


Driving Purchase Decisions ✔️

The goal of any brand is to drive purchase decisions. Sampling serves as a powerful tool in the consumer's decision-making process. Experiencing the product first-hand often converts a potential customer into a confident buyer, leading to increased sales and brand loyalty.

Sampling opportunities include:

  • goody bags

  • brand to hand

  • sampling stations

  • experiential activations

The Goody Bag Co currently has 477 events in the calendar for 2024.

“We have worked with The Goody Bag Co since our launch now 8 years ago.  Driving awareness and trial is absolutely critical for our brand – it’s what makes the difference. Amanda and the team always have great options for getting our brand and products in front of the right consumers, and they are always super responsive and helpful.  We are convinced that the sampling we have been doing with The Goody Bag Co has been a key factor of our continued growth, and there is still plenty to come!”


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