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Client brief 

Clif Bar, a renowned energy bar brand, approached The Goody Bag Co with the challenge of efficiently distributing residual short-dated stock. The client sought a cost-effective solution to not only clear surplus inventory but also to create impactful brand interactions with a diverse audience.



Understanding Clif Bar's objectives, The Goody Bag Co developed a strategic plan to optimize the distribution of short-dated stock. Leveraging our extensive experience in event-based sampling, we curated a comprehensive sampling campaign across various settings.


Mass participation sport and leisure events, as well as family food and drink festivals, were identified as ideal platforms to reach a broad and engaged audience.

Our team meticulously managed the logistics, ensuring that each event received an appropriate quantity of Clif Bar samples. By seamlessly integrating the brand into events that align with its values, we aimed to maximise exposure and positive consumer interactions.


The campaign surpassed expectations, distributing over 423,000 Clif Bar samples across a diverse range of events. The strategic placement of the brand in high-traffic venues and relevant settings led to increased brand visibility and resonance among the target audience.


Clif Bar successfully cleared residual stock while generating valuable brand impressions. The results demonstrated the effectiveness of The Goody Bag Co's tailored approach to sampling, turning a surplus inventory challenge into an opportunity for meaningful consumer engagement. The success of this campaign highlighted the potential for brands to optimise resources and create positive brand experiences through strategic sampling initiatives.

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