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student sampling

Client Brief


Diesel, a leading fragrance brand, approached The Goody Bag Co with a distinct challenge – to introduce their new perfume line to a young and vibrant demographic. The goal was to distribute samples to create an immersive experience that resonated with the dynamic lifestyle of university students. The client sought an innovative solution that would leave a lasting impression and drive interest and engagement with the Diesel perfume.



Understanding the youthful energy of university campuses, we proposed a brand to hand sampling campaign. The Goody Bag Co devised a plan to distribute 30,000 Diesel perfume samples across seven strategically chosen universities. 

  • Sampling Stations: Deployed sampling stations strategically placed in high-traffic areas within each university. These stations not only offered perfume samples but also featured engaging visuals and interactive elements related to Diesel's brand image.

  • Social Media Activation: Encouraged students to share their experiences on social media with a dedicated hashtag, fostering a sense of community and amplifying the reach of the campaign.

  • Event Integration: Seamlessly integrated the perfume sampling into existing university events, ensuring maximum exposure and engagement.




The Diesel Perfume Sampling Campaign exceeded expectations in both reach and impact.

  • 30,000 Samples Distributed: A significant number of samples reached the hands of university students, allowing for widespread exposure.

  • Social Media Buzz: The campaign generated a buzz on social media, with the dedicated hashtag garnering thousands of user-generated content, likes, and shares.

  • Brand Recognition: Diesel's perfume became a topic of conversation on campus, with students associating the brand with positive and memorable experiences.

In conclusion, The Goody Bag Co successfully transformed a simple product sampling initiative into a vibrant, memorable campaign that resonated with the target demographic. The Diesel Perfume Sampling Campaign not only distributed samples but created an immersive brand experience that left a lasting impression on the dynamic university audience.

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