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brand to hand sampling

Client brief 

Hu Kitchen, a brand committed to providing clean, high-quality food choices, sought an impactful sampling strategy to introduce their products to a diverse audience. The goal was to create brand awareness, garner feedback, and drive product adoption.



The Goody Bag Co stepped in with a comprehensive sampling solution tailored to Hu Kitchen's needs. Recognising the diverse target market, we strategically planned and executed sampling events across various platforms, including sports & leisure events, food festivals, and vegan markets.

Our approach included:

  1. Event Selection: Careful curation of events to align with Hu Kitchen's ethos and reach a broad spectrum of potential consumers.

  2. Engaging Setup: Eye-catching and interactive sampling setups designed to attract and engage event attendees.

  3. Strategic Distribution: Precise distribution of 79,000 samples, ensuring maximum exposure and product trial opportunities.


The collaboration between Hu Kitchen and the goody bag co yielded remarkable results:

  1. Brand Visibility: Hu Kitchen achieved widespread brand visibility across diverse event platforms.

  2. High Sample Distribution: Distributing 79,000 samples maximised product exposure and allowed for a substantial number of potential consumers to experience Hu Kitchen's offerings.

  3. Consumer Engagement: Trained staff facilitated meaningful interactions, generating positive brand perceptions.

  4. Market Expansion: The strategic approach to varied events contributed to Hu Kitchen's market expansion and increased product adoption.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Hu Kitchen and The Goody Bag Co demonstrated the power of a well-executed sampling strategy across diverse events, achieving brand awareness, engagement, and market growth.

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