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Client brief 

Phizz, a cutting-edge hydration and rehydration brand, approached The Goody Bag Co with a clear objective: to introduce their product to a vast audience of runners precisely when they would benefit the most. The challenge was to create a memorable brand experience in the dynamic environment of mass participation sport and leisure events, targeting multiple running events, duathlons, triathlons, swims, and music festivals.


The Goody Bag Co crafted a strategic and immersive sampling campaign tailored to the unique needs and preferences of runners. The solution incorporated various elements to ensure Phizz made a lasting impression in the competitive landscape of sports and wellness events.

  1. Event-Centric Approach: Understanding the lifestyle and interests of the target audience, we strategically selected mass participation events, ensuring a concentration of health-conscious and active individuals. This allowed Phizz to be introduced to runners at events where hydration is a critical factor.

  2. Strategic Sampling Points: Sampling stations were strategically positioned at key points within events, including race finishes, hydration stations, and event entrances. This maximized exposure and engagement with runners precisely when they were seeking replenishment.

  3. Informative Collateral: Alongside samples, we distributed informative collateral such as brochures and pamphlets, detailing the science behind Phizz and its applications for runners. This additional information aimed to educate and create a lasting connection with the brand.




The campaign achieved remarkable success, creating a ripple effect of brand awareness and engagement among the running community:

  • 69,000 Samples Distributed: Phizz samples reached a substantial audience of runners, allowing them to experience the brand's benefits firsthand.

  • Heightened Brand Exposure: Strategic sampling points and event-centric placement maximized brand exposure, ensuring Phizz was top-of-mind for runners seeking hydration solutions.

  • Positive Runner Feedback: Engaged runners provided positive feedback, expressing appreciation for the timely introduction of Phizz at events where proper hydration is crucial.

  • Increased Brand Loyalty: The combination of samples, informative collateral, and branded merchandise contributed to a sense of brand loyalty among runners, fostering a connection that extended beyond the events.

  • Market Penetration: The campaign successfully penetrated the running community, establishing Phizz as a go-to hydration solution for athletes seeking optimal performance.


The Goody Bag Co's collaboration with Phizz exemplified the potent synergy of strategic event marketing and a product designed to meet the specific needs of its target audience. The campaign not only introduced Phizz to thousands of runners but also positioned it as an essential companion in their journey toward peak performance and optimal hydration.

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