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proper snacks.


Client brief 

Proper Snacks, in collaboration with KFC, approached The Goody Bag Co with an exciting challenge - to distribute over 50,000 500g bags of Proper x KFC Popcorn Chicken flavour popcorn. The objective was clear: engage students attending refreshers fairs with a unique and flavourful snack, creating buzz around the collaboration.



Understanding the dynamic nature of refreshers fairs and the target audience, The Goody Bag Co crafted a strategic solution to ensure the effective distribution of Proper Snacks' innovative popcorn flavor. Leveraging our expertise in student marketing, we curated a tailored plan to reach students during refreshers fairs, capitalising on the heightened energy and enthusiasm of the events.

Our team coordinated the logistics of distributing over 50,000 bags of the special popcorn flavour across multiple refreshers fairs. The goal was not only to provide a delightful snack experience but also to generate excitement and social media buzz around the collaboration between Proper Snacks and KFC.


The campaign was a resounding success, with Proper Snacks' Popcorn Chicken flavour popcorn becoming a standout hit at refreshers fairs. The strategic distribution resulted in widespread student engagement and positive brand sentiment. The collaboration garnered significant social media attention, with students sharing their experiences and creating a buzz around the unique popcorn flavour.

Proper Snacks achieved its goal of introducing a distinctive snack to students, creating a memorable brand experience during refreshers fairs. The success of this campaign highlighted the effectiveness of targeted sampling strategies in capturing the attention and loyalty of a student audience.

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