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event sampling

Client brief 

Vitabiotics, a renowned leader in health and wellness, approached The Goody Bag Co with a mission: to introduce their diverse range of vitamins and supplements designed to support modern lifestyles. The challenge was to create impactful engagements that would resonate with diverse audiences at various events, focusing on both health-conscious individuals and those exploring wellness solutions.


The Goody Bag Co devised a comprehensive sampling campaign strategically integrated into mass participation sport and leisure events. The approach was twofold: to enhance brand visibility and provide tangible experiences with Vitabiotics products. The campaign covered multiple events, including marathons, duathlons, triathlons, open water swims, and vibrant music festivals.

  1. Strategic Event Selection: Understanding the target demographic, we selected events that attracted health-conscious participants and attendees seeking wellness inspiration. This ensured that Vitabiotics samples reached individuals with a genuine interest in health and vitality.

  2. Immersive Sampling Stations: Our setup at each event was meticulously designed to be both inviting and informative. Engaging sampling stations were positioned strategically to attract footfall, providing attendees with the opportunity to experience Vitabiotics products first-hand.

  3. Branded Collateral and Merchandise: To reinforce brand recall, we distributed branded collateral and merchandise. Attendees received informative brochures, branded merchandise, and exclusive offers, creating a tangible connection between Vitabiotics and their wellness journey.


Results: The campaign surpassed expectations, leaving an indelible mark on the health and wellness landscape:

  • 128,000 Samples Distributed: Vitabiotics samples reached a vast audience, allowing tens of thousands to experience the benefits of the product range.

  • Increased Brand Visibility: The strategic selection of events amplified Vitabiotics' visibility among the target demographic, strengthening brand recognition.

  • Positive Consumer Feedback: Engaged participants provided positive feedback, citing increased awareness of Vitabiotics and a heightened interest in incorporating the supplements into their routines.

  • Holistic Brand Experience: The campaign didn't just offer samples; it delivered a holistic brand experience, fostering a connection based on trust, knowledge, and a shared commitment to well-being.

The Goody Bag Co succeeded in not only introducing Vitabiotics to a broader audience but also in creating an environment where health and wellness became synonymous with the brand. The campaign's success stands as a testament to the impactful fusion of strategic event marketing and a client committed to promoting a healthier, more energised lifestyle

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